Benjamin Rothman Kadoorie

Kadoorie Youth Village in the Galilee

The Benjamin Rothman Kadoorie School is a leading education center for adolescents with autism. The school focuses on developing know-how, elevating the level of professionalism, and introducing innovation in the autism field. The school is located in the Kadoorie Youth Village in the Lower Galilee. It serves approx. 70 students between the ages of 13 and 21, from 34 regional and local councils throughout northern Israel.

  • Zoological therapy garden adapted for working with autistic adolescents, the first of its kind in Israel

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    The zoological therapy garden was established in partnership with Kadoorie Youth Village, and presently serves the students of Benjamin Rothman Kadoorie, as well as the youth village’s students. The adolescents work in the garden and care for the animals on an ongoing basis. The animals have been carefully selected to ensure that they are suitable for therapeutic activities for the target audience, in terms of sensory sensitivity and behavior with humans. The architectural design of the yards, signage, vegetation and building materials were chosen to create the optimal environment of the students and the animals.


  • Activity yard, including a variety of adapted sporting solutions

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    The yard includes a musical instruments path, a bicycle path, a mini pitch court for various ball games, a challenging climbing area, special swings, fitness equipment, and shaded, calming sitting areas. The yard’s architectural design took into consideration the students’ needs, and the materials and plants that were chosen are intended to create a supporting, safe environment and arouse curiosity.

  • Snoezelen Room – among the largest and most advanced in Israel

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    Snoezelen is a multisensory therapy space that allows the students to experience learning and development in a calming environment. The Snoezelen space at the school includes a “black” room and a “white” room aimed at achieving different and complementary therapeutic goals. The rooms offer a wide range of stimulations for all the senses, including different types of mattresses, rotating displays and screened images, optic fibers that are sensitive to the touch, a huge ball pool, various materials for touching and sensory regulation, and more.

  • Diverse occupation workshops that develop various functional occupation skills

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    Occupation is one of the main tools used at the school. There are workshops for paper products, ceramics, weaving textiles and weaving baskets. The students take part in all the stages of the process, including packaging and selling the items they produce at special sales events and at sales booths in the community.

  • A large and advanced training apartment located within the school

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    The training apartment enables the students to learn a variety of skills required for mature adult life and for functioning in the home environment, and experiencing it. The apartment is designed like a home, including a kitchen stocked with appliances, a living room, a bedroom, a washroom, a laundry area and a porch.

  • Training center–an advanced knowledge and training center is planned

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    The training center, planned to be established in 2021, will allow delivering workshops and training programs on autism to the professional community and families.

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